Lili of Thinking Out Loud Meets Senyor Iskwater

Ang pagsugod sa bag-ong bulan maoy mag-aghat para maipasundayag ug usab sa mga isigka-blogero.  Mao kini ang pagpakita ug pagpasalamat sa bag-ong kalibutan nga atong gilihokan. Pi-ot ug dili daling magpaila sa pamaagi sa pagsulat labi na gayud sa paspas nga kausaban sa kabag-uhan ug daghan pang mga kakulian nga mahimong maoy unang himuon sa mga mobasahay. Maayo na lamang naay pipilang mga tawo nga pareho ug hilig sa kinabuhi (likaw ng bituka) ug andam sa pagsulay sa  paghungit sa unsa may ihukad.

Paumanhin kung nagsimula ang post na ito sa isang southern dialect. 
Here's the Filipino translation:

Ang pagpasok ng bagong buwan ay isang hudyat upang muling may maitampok na kapwa blogero. Ito ay bilang pasasalamat sa bagong mundong aking ginagalawan. Masikip at hindi madaling gumawa ng pangalan sa larangan ng pagsusulat lalo na't mabilis ang pagbibihis ng modernisasyon at marami ng mga dibersyon ang maaring pagtuunan ng mga prospektibong mambabasa. Mabuti na lamang at may ilang makikilalang pareho ang likaw ng inyong bituka at handang isubo ang anumang iyong ihahain.

Enough! Taglish mode na... 

This is it! March na... Parang kailan lang...
Perfect time na upang i-feature ang isa sa mga hinahangaan characters sa blogosphere. This time, imported blogger dahil made in Maryland, US. Though she's born and raised here sa 'Pinas, siya ngayon ay nasa Estados Unidos kapiling ang kanyang pamilya. Just like the intro, she is a proud Bisaya - a native of Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

I had a chance to interview her and unlike previous sessions I had with Glentot, Archieviner and Pao Kun, ours was the most interactive and I really had a blast knowing her more. 

May taray... May taste... May sustansya... Ilan sa mga salitang naglalarawan sa babaeng ngayong ay itinuturing kong kaibigan. (Naks! 'Di ako sure, ha? Baka kasi feeling ko lang na we're friends eh)

Let me share the precious chikahan moment I had with her! Now na!

Name: Lilian N. Divinagracia
Age: I am forever 21 with 19 years of experience
Sex: Babae (last time I checked)
Location: Frederick MD
Civil Status: Married with 2 kids
Twitter: @LilianaJones
FB e-mail:

What kind of interview with me are you expecting?
The heck. first question pa lang, I have to use my brain na… 
(Dead air... answered hubby’s call) 
Casual… Over coffee and cheesecake on a wonderful Monday, not in a gown but in jeans, a shirt and a pair of comfortable shoes. Something where I wouldn't feel like it's a job interview or I am fed into a dungeon of hungry lions. Kind of like that interview. Please be gentle.

I will. How did you react when you were asked to be interviewed?
I thought it was a joke. That you were just kidding.

So, when confirmed it was a real invitation, what was your initial reaction?
I literally heard my thoughts, "Huh? Really? Me? Why?" I just didn't see myself interesting enough to be featured in your blog.

Really? Hmnf... I find you and your blog interesting. Live with it.
Hahaha! Ok and thank you.

Why Thinking Out Loud?
This blog is about my unspoken thoughts. There are just things that I think, not necessarily spoken (or told) to a certain person but I prefer to lay it into words. Learn from it and move on. Those unspoken thought posts were deleted already.

Okay. Do you think you still live up to the idea of 'Thinking Out Loud' considering the recent posts on your blog? I mean, basing it on your reason why you named your blog 'Thinking Out Loud'.
Yes. If I don't share the photos and what I thought of things I see and experience, I don't think that's thinking out loud.

When did you start blogging?
Around early 2007 but I used to blog on Friendster before. Remember Friendster?

No, not really. Sorry, it’s too primitive but I heard about it through my mom as one of her bedtime stories when I was a kid.
Ouch. Primitive!

Just kidding. For 6 long years of blogging, are you happy?
So far, yes I am. I learn a lot from it - from writing proper English (still working on it) to reading more and getting inspirations from other bloggers.

What makes your blog different from others?
What's in my blog is mine --- from personal experiences and basically my opinion on things and situations. Although sometimes I also share what I see from other blogs, I share them because I have positive or negative opinions/reactions.

Name your Top 3 bloggers. Why do you like each of them?

I like the way she writes. It's engaging and I don't need to go to Google or to understand what she wrote. Her posts do not have photos, sometimes it is long but her writings capture my imagination.

Just like me, she shares about her family, her recipes, her opinions about products and more. She's funny, and when I read her blog, it is as if I am watching her show on FoodNetwork.

She also gives away amazing prizes from cool leather boots, iPad, cook books, Les Creuset cookwares (which ranges from $100 to $500 a piece), or a custom designed stand-up Kitchen-Aid Mixer.

She takes amazing photos. Her posts are short. She doesn't only share what's nice and clean but also her reality that she also hates cleaning and shares pictures of how messy her house is. In that case, I can see myself in her. Hehehe. Her husband reminds me of the mister. He's also a photographer with a beard.

Your medium is English, would you try writing a post using different language?
I used to have a Filipino blog. Some of my friends said they get headaches reading Tagalog. I did not care though. Other friends suggested writing in Bisaya, too. My kids don't read Bisaya but speak the language. Then I decided to go back to English and focus on it because I want that everyone will be able to read and understand my posts. Google cannot translate properly. That's another reason too.

Lili's Cute Kids - Yna and Jason

Your hubby and your two kids are bloggers, too. Who do you think is the best blogger in the family?
Our blogs are different from each other.
Please find time to see Jason's blog HERE

The boy talks about his life and his struggles on how to use simple stuff like a scanner or just the simple things he wants or doesn't want like from the choice of pizza toppings. There are no photos on his blog but all his drawings with him are on it.

Yna won 1st place in a story writing contest. I read her entry and she really can write. Check her STORY HERE

The lady (She closed hers since she haven't updated it for six months already) writes about bloopers in the house and more. No photos too but her drawings as well. (After the interview Yna re-opened her blog, please visit her blog HERE)

Thank you Jay for this photo! Check his BLOG HERE

The mister talks about classic men's fashion, his favorite music, photography, vintage motorbikes, mountain biking and camping.

None of them share about travels, shopping adventures, crafting, shop updates, eat outs, foods and recipes but I do. So I can't really compare who's the best among the four of us.

Ok. If we'll use pointing system in terms of number of posts, comments, followers and blogger friends. Among the four of you, who's leading?
Of course, I am since I am more active in blogging compared to therest of the gang. I don't know with the mister since he blogs using Tumblr. I have no idea how many followers he has, how many views, reblogs, or comments but I have seen his photos all over the internet even in online magazines and one on Wikipedia.

Tell me the type of readers your blog caters to.
I have readers? Hehehe. I think I should do a survey so I'll know what type of readers I have. I know most of them are younger than me. Most are single too.

Of all your posts, which one is your most favorite? Why?
I don't have a specific favorite but I like the posts about my family's adventure or how we spent a holiday.

What preparations do you have prior to publishing a post?
I choose my photos. As much as possible, I don't share crappy images. I also let my editors (I have two) read it or if they are not available, I have to read it over and over again. Sometimes, what I wrote sounded okay but when I re-read it, I do find out a lot of red marks. Learning to write properly is another reason I have this blog.

When do you say that a post is worth reading?
It is when you learn something from it --- even if it's just a new word or a new product. It also matters maybe how a person writes it.

What’s the best comment you got from a reader?
What comes up right away in my mind now was Zai's comment on my Valentines' Day post. He said, "What matters most to me is how I am treated the rest of the year" - are words only a wise, wise woman can come up with. You are truly wise Lili."

What’s the worst comment you had and how did you respond to it?
When an anonymous person commented about a post I wrote on photos of boys on a table being circumcised. I was not against circumcision or the procedure it was done, I was against of their photos being posted on Facebook without their parents' consent. 
(Check it out here:
How did I respond to it? I did not reply but the little sister did.

What do you hate about blogging?
It’s the need to keep it updated and thinking of new interesting stories to share.

How do you see your life without blogging in the picture?
I think I'd feel my life would be boring and there wouldn't be a part of my daily routine that I could look forward to anymore. I wouldn't be meeting more wonderful people like you. (Wow, that was so tight!)

How do you handle ‘sabaw moments’?
What does sabaw moments actually mean? hehehe

It means you’re in a state of nothingness in terms of prospective subjects to discuss on your post. (Sabaw - nga-nga; walang maisip; walang masulat; _______________; blank)
I don’t think I have had sabaw moments when in fact I couldn't keep up with what I want to share on my blog. I have promises to some of my readers Ihave not fulfilled.

What was the greatest challenge you had as a blogger?
My Q&As in my blog were, I think, a challenge. There were some Q&As from people that I haven't met and weren't really friends even online. I just sent them a message that I am interested in featuring them on my blog. There were also some that are reluctant to answer simple questions that usually end a possible feature.

What will make you quit from blogging?
Probably if I lose my happy thoughts and inspirations.

If you were here in the Philippines, do you think your blogging style would be different?
Maybe, but I would still probably share some of our funny conversations.

If you were to publish one last post which will put an end to your blogging career, it would be about what?
I would just want to ask my readers if in any way I made a difference in their lives with the things I share and talk about in my blog. I just wonder sometimes, if I am significant, not just to my family and close friends, but also to the readers who became my followers as well.

What's most fulfilling about blogging?
Even 1 visit/view in a post is very fulfilling for me. Just imagine when I get a comment.

Yes super. I used to get 3 to 4 reads per post before and i knew who were they --- my big brother, big sister, my sister in law and Crybaby.

Is there anything you still like to achieve as a blogger and as  a person?
As a blogger, I wish to be more confident with the way I write and to take better photos. I also wish to have more time to blog hop aka blogkwatsa.

As a person, I want to be better. I also want to take care of myself more.

My focus lagi kasi is my kids and the husband. I don't give so much attention na sa akin. I need to lose weight. Heheheh

What's your message to your readers?
Dear Readers,
Thank you. I am honored with your visits and especially of your comments. It is always nice to let me know that you stopped by. Honestly, it makes me keep the blog running. I sometimes think that my posts are uninteresting and boring but reading your comments makes me very happy that in some way, I imparted a new idea or knowledge with my blog. We all have different ideas and opinions and I am thankful that you have been respecting mine. To some that I promised to share some travels I did last summer, I will share it no matter how late it is. Sometimes I am just too lazy to think in English because my brain always works in Bisaya.

Fast Talk
3rd Baby, Boy or Girl? Girl
Jollibee or McDonalds? Jollibee
Nora or Vilma? Vilma
Sing or Dance? Sing
Quicky or Take your time? Take your Time
Chicken or Pork? Chicken
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Good looking but Dumb or Ugly but Witty? Ugly but Witty
Long Post or Short Post? Short Post
Flowers or Chocolates? Chocolates
Lights On or Lights Off? Lights Off ( I cannot sleep with the lights on. Hehehe.)
Hard or Soft? Soft (sakit sa ngipin ang matigas na tira-tira)
Touch or See? See (anyway, after the seeing is touching naman eh)
Do you skip-read? 
If i don't like the first part, I will not read the rest. I don't comment kapag ‘di ako naka-read ng post. If I comment like “I just dropped by.", I've read the post and wala lang akong maisip na ma-i-comment or I ran out of time and have to pick the kids up. if I like the point of the author, I'll share it.
-- o O o --
(Nosebleed kausap si Lili...)

I am so happy to find out that the entire family is into blogging... Ang saya... 

Natapos ang aming chikahan with an assurance that the friendship we built will go a long way. That only proves na hindi hadlang ang thousand miles distance to establish real friendship. Almost everyday, I always look forward sa aming usapan. Mapa-showbiz, personal, politics or anything under the sun, swak na swak ang aming mga trip.

Ano pa ba ang hindi namin napag-uusapan?

Eniweis  peeps, please check and follow Lili's blog at tulad ko, tiyak na you'll fall for her. Bonus pa na anlakas maka-sosyal ng vibe ng kanyang mga posts.


"Our lives evolve and move in the same pace and direction as everyone else. It's all up to us to take the moment and enjoy it but not forgetting to be grateful. Even thankful for the pain, tears, worries, differences, failures, and losses for these keep us grounded and be reminded of our strength, faith in God and humanity and how we are valued as a person."- Lili       

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  1. Life without blogging would be boring. Parang tama sya. hehe

    First time kong nakita yung blog nya dun kila zai. Na curious ako kaya finollow ko din sya. Hanggang sa nakilala ko sya. Sa una kala ko masungit sya pero kalog din pala at mas makulit pa sakin.

    Naalala kko rin yung blog nya kasi minsan video lang ipopost nya o kaya ":(" ganyang lang. hehe

    Congrats Ms. Lili :)

  2. Definitely a woman to write about! I like her personality.
    Galing naman nila. Whole family ay bloggers.

    It made me think how I write. kasi alam ko ang english ko ay terrible. But iT is really difficult to speak norwergian at daytime and read english and tagalog in blogworld. NaKAlito sa grammar:)
    Well, I thought that if I write from my heart, I will be forgiven:)

  3. As I said, sa naging memorable comment ko pala, Lili truly is a wise, wise woman. I love her to bits!

    Really fun interview, kahit di ko pa naririnig ever magsalita si Lili, I imagine how she sounds like when we chat and I heard the same voice here, in this interview. Makes sense ba? Haha :)

    Thanks sa interview mo kay Lili, Senyor! Fun and great read :)

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  5. As always, Kabog Senyor!

    First, I would like to congratulate you for being Top 4 on the Bagsik ng Panitikan :)

    Thank you for giving us a chance to get to know Lili. The best thing a blogger can impart is learning, makes one think, reflect and strive to be better--that's how a blogger can make a difference.

  6. ang galing at wala siyang sabaw moments. nice interview.

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    Lakas makasyala ni ms. Lili!

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    anyways trip ko din mga ganto sa blog ko
    kaso meron nayo nina pareng jay at bino
    kahiya naman gumaya hahah

  16. She's one secured woman, has an infinite expression of herself towards anything that interest her - reason why she chooses "Thinking Outloud" as the title of her blog.

    I can greatly sense a strong personality in her. I think LiLi is never afraid to take on anything. She is real as she has this ability to negate to a certain idea or insight if it doesn't please her.

    Some of her reasons for blogging are my reasons too - good that I have found a blogger who stands by her principle and fights for it - blogging wise.

    I am thrilled to follow her blog and back read her post soon.

  17. Wow ngayon ko lang nalaman na bloggers silang 4. :3 epistaxis nga ang interview, and gusto ko to may parang real time interaction na... :)

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  26. Family of bloggers, ang saya naman hehehe at ang galing ng mga babies.
    I hope magka interes din ang aking Jamboy na mag online diary since he writes naman his daily activities on his journal, why not online hhhmmm this gave me an idea.
    Nag nosebleed naman ako sa mga tanong parang hindi mo kakayaning sagutin kapag ako ang inenterveiw mo. Pwede kapag turn ko na ( assuming) hehehe, ang tanong ay tipong, whats ur favorite color an ur favorite recipe lang ha hehehe

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    Nabasa ko kanina ang term na 'sabaw' at naki-sabaw lang ako. Actually di ko alam ang meaning non. At least ngayon alam ko na, hehe!thanks!

  31. naka relate ako ng bongga! mom is from tagbiliran also:) so ka intindi man akoa bisaya and waray:)

  32. Mother Lil is one of the woman that I look up to in the blogging world. Short or long, palagi akong may nalalaman/natututunan sa mga post nya. Hindi ako palagi nagko-comment pero her blog is one that im always excited to read.

    Thanks for this interview Senyor.


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