I just miss Kris Aquino... That's why!

If people are annoyed with my Taglish way of speaking,
I will just ask them to make listen to the point I'm making.

If people will get mad at me 'coz they think I'm pa-artsy,
I will just try not to be so affected 'coz it's the real me.

If people make friends with me and will just make gamit,
I will just avoid them 'coz that attitude is really pangit.

If people create chismis na super gawa-gawa or imbento,
I will just tell them it's untrue like it's very, very not totoo.

If people think I'm  so dumb and that my thoughts are patapon,
I will just tell them they're wrong but I will not give them reason.

If people hate me for being overly madaldal,
I will just be polite and will never make angal.

If people make more pintas of me 'coz of my imperfection,
I will just ask them to see the mirror and check their reflection.

If people are not listening to me kahit my point is so bright,
I will just insist they're wrong and that sometimes I'm right.

If people judge me kasi they really do not like my personality,
I will just remind them of respect and of a thing called diversity.

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  1. We all have our mejo conyo moments haha

  2. Hnd ko gets bakit bigdeal talaga ang pagiging taglish? or any dialect mixed with english? hahaha. For me ok lang naman. it's a way of expressing once self. especially minsan mas madaling ma remember ang english words. o dba? lol

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